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Sometimes you want just a little bit more than the usual dinner and drinks date night. Step it up a notch and take your date night to a BANGTEL level!


BANGTEL is now available to save on your HOUZZ boards!! Let us help you get inspired and make your home everything you want it to be and more!

“How does a hospitable gent make visiting company feel at home? Is it space and privacy? Amicable vintage charm? Perhaps an in-home sauna? Whatever it may be, let’s assume they won’t find it at your home. That’s what Airbnb is for. Which is why we scoured the home-sharing service site for the 10 best Chicago accommodations for incoming guests, whether it’s friends, family or — gulp — the in-laws.” And BANGTEL is TWO of them!

(Bangtel bought a blow-up orca and left it in the middle of the unit) and more. As for the modern touches, each unit boasts stainless steel appliances in the kitchen for the ultimate home-away-from-home. They also feature sofas from Interior Define, which Klafeta had done up in true Bangtel style.”

Jackie Kotsovos of VIVA Lifestyle & Travel gave Bangtel and amazing write up!! Bangtel: The More Personalized and Cool Airbnb. “So, where does one turn when they’re looking for the perfect hybrid between home and hotel? Ex-wardrobe and prop stylist, Liz Klafeta, noticed the gap in the hospitality industry, and created Bangtel as the answer. Founded on the belief that people could feel more than “welcomed” in their home away from home, it’s the “boutique Airbnb” of the industry…”

Klafeta has created a well-oiled machine which churns out whimsical, fun-at-every-turn, perfectly-placed short and long-term stay properties with a focus on tailored concierge services that surprise and delight It’s an incredibly memorable and authentic option for travel lovers that want to really experience a city by its neighborhoods instead of the tourist traps. And will appreciate the dozens of Instagram-worthy ops that every Bangtel space offers.

The Chicagolite Presents: An Afternoon with Mr. Clark!! “…there was yet another chance encounter that would set the precedence for this post. This boutique rental agency begins following me on Instagram and as I am scrolling through their images I am completely enamored by the decor and chic living spaces. They are Bangtel.”

“It’s kind of annoying when you show up at a vacation rental and there isn’t any toilet paper or clean towels,” says Liz Klafeta. Bangtel is HERE TO STAY. Check out the latest write up about our very own, Liz Klafeta. Featuring one of Bangtel’s best, Mr. Clark’s Penthouse. See us on Page 46 of the April 2016 issue!!

BANGTEL loves Illumine and Illumine loves BANGTEL! Make sure to check out this spring/summer 2016 issue about Travel & Adventure! Featuring on the COVER, Michael Wollpert and his dog hanging out in our Humboldt Park patio!

Check out this DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD of our very own Liz Klafeta! Read all about Liz and what she has coming her way! Good things to come! Read up on what Bangtel has to offer, all thanks to liz and the team!

Turning the Pages of Bangtel’s Aladdin’s Hideaway. “It’s no secret how much I love Bangtel so for my first staged photo shoot it made total sense to have the shoot at one of their newest properties Aladdin’s Hideaway.  I was initially attracted to the space because of the vibrant colors and eclectic decor. The original owner was a world traveler and it was clear throughout all the hidden treasures and worldly trinkets.”

When it comes to decorating the home, or even just a tabletop, it’s hard to go all-modern or all-vintage. For our Filigree Suppers, we love combining different styles to make both our minimalist and “maximalist” sides happy. Check out the tablescape we designed below to learn how to achieve this style on your own!

Often you hear people use words such as “daunting” or “time consuming” while referring to renovations. “Fun” and “having a blast” don’t come to mind. However, these are the exact words you’ll hear Liz use while describing the renovation process of this space. She fearlessly takes on projects that express her daring vision.

thrillistlogoNamed 2 out of 10 Most Unbelievable AirBnB’s in Chicago: Everything about this home is over the top, which is understandable being that it straddles between Humboldt and Wicker Parks. It’s right next to the brand-new 606 Trail and it’s got personality with top-of-the line appliances and artwork with a sense of humor. It’s candy-coated and kitschy, but also lush and luxurious.


FEBRUARY TASTEMAKERS: We’re checking in with our personal crew of artists, musicians, writers, DJs, and other nightlife VIPs to bring you the latest news and give you heads up of what you’ll be spending the next month looking forward to. If you need a vacation from your cluttered apartment, or a place to put up visitors stays both short and long, hit up our buddies at Bangtel!

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Not just in hospitality but amazing parties too!! What to do in Chicago of Do312 showed off one of Bangtel’s parties called Candles & Canines: A Fundraiser with Bangtel. If you are ever looking for something to do in the 312 Bangtel will keep you busy!

This year, one of my biggest resolutions was to explore the amazing city that I am proud to call home. But if you know anything about a Chicago winter experience, you know that you are more likely to explore Chicago by looking at Google images than venturing outside. So, I decided to cross one thing off my bucket list and go on a staycation.

When I owned a clothing boutique I worked briefly with Liz Klafata, who is a stylist and worked part time at the boutique. Liz became very busy and left to pursue her full time job. I did not see Liz for a couple of years until last year when I read in a local paper about Liz renovating and renting out properties in Chicago and starting her own rental company.

No one is afraid to expose wires and cables of the lamps. Even chains, ropes and other dangling from ceilings and walls joined them, were beautiful and become part of home design. – Limor Keller

Bangtel’s Spring Items! Spring cleaning? More like spring re-styling. Rental furnishing company Bangtel unveils a new collection.

CB2 Idea Central

Sometimes great design really is a matter of black and white. Just ask interior designer Liz Klafeta of Bangtel, who transformed a pair of standard apartments in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago into sleek vacation rentals. Drawing on a sophisticated mix of unique furniture and playful accessories—much of which came from CB2—Klafeta carved out zen zones in the middle of a busy city (not an easy task to do).

She often re-creates her own DIY versions of fixtures and other household items she sees in stores. “I see things and think, ‘I could do that better—or different, or a little more funky.’ It’s just doing a little more research, a little more legwork,” she says. “Most of the time it ends up being less expensive, and more meaningful because you put it together.


She confidently applies broad brush strokes of pattern, color, object, and design. These gutsy choices would likely feel chaotic were it not for her master eye. Bold artwork (sourced by local artists and friends) elevates and finishes the space. This apartment cannot be accused of lacking interest and style. It is a direct reflection of her fearless DIY skills and vibrant personality.


We hooked up with the tastemakers at Bangtel for a few things to help spruce up these here winter doldrums…They’re an indie design and hospitality group. A rebel home rental company who are quietly shaking up Chicago’s hospitality game, one neighborhood at a time.  Lovely properties all over the city — from Humboldt Park to the Gold Coast — some brief stay, some long stay; all playfully appointed.

When Airbnb started, they introduced a concept that has been around since the beginning of civilization: staying in someone else’s home.  In modern times, hotels have long been the standard for travelers.  Back in 2012, my best friend and I went on a trip to Boston.  Staying in an apartment rather than a hotel wasn’t quite trendy yet but my friend found one at a better price and to my own surprise I loved it.   And clearly, I’m not the only one. The concept of staying somewhere that felt like it could be home has become the new upgraded experience.  And in comes BANGTEL.


Liz Klafeta has taken the hotel industry by storm one inspired room at a time with the launch of BANGTEL. Liz mixes high-end custom furniture with low-budget pieces and found objects for an eclectic vibe that matches her fearless personality.

“I like mixing in random items that one would not ordinarily use, such as a giant papier-mâché bunny or mannequin legs that are painted fun obnoxious colors,” says Klafeta. “Every element is thought of as a work of art, from the faucets to the linens.”

Filigree Suppers
We first met Liz through Forth Chicago, a group for creative women in Chicago. We were totally blown away by her spunk, charm, and seemingly endless energy. When we found out about her business, Bangtel, we knew we’d met a gem. Bangtel is a collection of short and long-term vacation rentals and apartments, all designed with the same energetic vibe and sense of humor as Liz.


Nana Creme isn’t named after your grandma. It’s a nod to its central ingredient – Yes, Nana Creme is named after bananas, an ingredient, founder and creator Regina Klafeta says, that makes her ice ‘creme’ almost the exact consistency of ice ‘cream.’

downloadScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.27.47 PMStaycation in style or step up your home decor game. Owner and Forth alum Liz Klafeta even sells a few of her favorite items for making a home more bangin’ on the BANGTEL website.

dnainfo_logoShe has rehabbed and designed four apartments on Airbnb in Chicago and two in New York City. The units are full of unexpected design elements like a floor-to-ceiling window in the bathroom overlooking a stairwell or a neon sign that reads “THUG.”


There is no idea too far-fetched for Liz Klafeta. She is an outside-the-box, over-the-top, gutsy creator who thrives on a challenge. Think glass walls, graffiti, larger-than-life wall art, neon signs, etc.

downloadFor the price of a small hotel room we got a fantastic, highly styled 3-bedroom spread with eye candy, fab finishes and bitching water pressure owned and operated by a gal sweet as peaches and cool as heck. 

download (1)
This week’s feature is all about community member Liz Klafeta, owner of  BANGTEL  She’s an interior designer, stylist, entrepreneur, and all around girl boss.