Far’falla Girl Sleepover

9 Lessons of Womanhood as Practiced by Far’falla Girl

Sleepover & Photoshoot at Aloha BANGTEL
On March 29th the Launch of Modern Middle Girl (Far’falla Girl affiliated program) 15 amazing young ladies 18-20 years old invaded Aloha Bangtel for a 24 hour Spring Break Event. For one day Modern Middle Girl set out to introduce the you ladies to important life lessons and activities that  will become key in their journey to womanhood.

LESSON #1: Self Care and Putting you First.

Putting you first can help you be prepared mentally, physically and emotional to handle all that life brings and ultimately, change the world. The morning began with a 2 hour Yoga sponsored by Sync Ventura Inc. , right after girls enjoyed a smoothie, yogurt parfait and bagel bar.

LESSON #2: Healthy connections with other amazing young ladies.

After breakfast, the girls were tasked with discovering who their roommates were and what they have in common. By taking mini tours of Aloha Bangtel and posting everything to social media!


LESSON #3: Appreciate where you are from!

Girls were broken up into 3 groups and set out on a mission to find something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue in Wicker Park. From there, the girls enjoyed lunch at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria as well as some light shopping.


LESSON #4: Learn how to cook and entertain with simple delicious food.

Donna Binbek, owner and head chef of Simply Food Chicago taught a cooking workshop to girls. They learned how to take a packet of Ramen throw the sodium filled seasoning in the trash and create a fresh veggie and homemade broth ramen that could compete against the best. Following dinner girls enjoyed a dessert buffet prepared by Asha Binbek, owner of The Lawful Baker.

LESSON #5 : Bonding and working together.

Girls were given a 2 hour break to prepare for their confidence building photoshoot. Girls were seen going in and out of rooms, bathrooms helping each other get all dolled up. From hair, to eyelashes and makeup. In the process they took more time to talk share life experiences and gain wisdom from each for every situation. The Modern Middle Girl Team took this opportunity to learn more about each and every girl.


LESSON #5: Understand that experience is not required for everything you do.

Never stop knowing how to have fun. Every girl received a 6 minute photoshoot by Photographer, Christian DeMar. This was a 1st ever experience for most girls. It gave them a confidence boost and a lesson to embrace your uniqueness and beauty.

LESSON #6: Get comfortable with the unknown. Using all your senses to help guide you in life.

Girls dined by candle light with an amazing 4 course dinner prepared by Donna Binbek, owner and private chef of Simply Food Chicago. Their 1st cause they were served blindfolded. To learn how to use all their senses to truly enjoy food.


LESSON #7: Adulting is tough but it’s worth experiencing if you have the right information.

We had guest speakers drop by to share their journeys into womanhood and college life. DeMisha Burke owner of Jay DeMari Fashion taught the girls how to get out of their own way. Kyra Jones, sexual violence prevention educator took time to navigate the girls through college life, drinking, partying and the responsibility we have to speak up and fight the wrong done to women.

LESSON #8: The joys of natural beauty.

Girls received a mini facial workshop from Asilah Shabazz, owner of Enchanted Asilah Cosmetics.


LESSON #9: Life gets real fast, but you are not alone.

To end our night girls had a fireside chat an open dialogue to share life experiences, fears and dreams. A Far’falla Girl life coach took them through life lessons the needed to learn now in order to be a successful adult.


Thank you Far’falla Girl for letting BANGTEL be a part of this inspiring and uplifting sleepover!


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