BANGTEL + Street Dreams: The Details Takeover

If you don’t already know about Street Dreams Magazine, do yourself a favor and check them out.  They are one of our most influential housing partners that create content for the big dogs like Nike and _.  We are honored and excited  to house them every chance we can in Chicago, NYC, or LA.  With a constant flow of inspirational content, you will be fully entertained just as we were. They do all the things including; photography publication + full- service photo, publishing, art & design.

As a housing partner for Street Dreams Magazine, BANGTEL provides stays for their photographers and other influencers as needed. And we thought, what better way to show off the photography from our Williamsburg, NY space Bangarang than a takeover by SDM?  Make sure to check out our BANGTEL Instagram starting TODAY for “detailed” posts curated by Street Dreams with photos from @ericveloso and @stevesweatpants.

To quote one of the Cambridge Dictionaries definitions of “Details”: “The small features of something that you only notice when you look carefully.”

When it comes to telling stories today, we have endless ways to share every single moment of our day to day experience with the world around us. We communicate through status updates, tweets & Instagram posts that connect us with one another on a daily basis. Whether it be crafting images & spaces from objects found or the meticulous detail orientated process of setting up a scene, they’re all a part of our everyday experience.

This takeover is inspired by the common thread that ties together the BANGTEL + Street Dreams creative ethos: Details. From the subtle nuances of a great New York City skyline to the fine tuned setting within a BANGTEL property – it’s all about adding context to one another’s journey & coming together to tell great stories.

Follow along as we highlight our favorite NYC details & stay tuned for much more from BANGTEL + Street Dreams! Below are photos from Bangarang in NYC taken by @ericveloso to give yourself a sneak peek at the look and feel of the takeover. 



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