Thank you for choosing BANGTEL. Please read the following Terms carefully because they constitute a legal agreement between BANGTEL and you. BY BOOKING WITH BANGTEL, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE LEGALLY COMPETENT TO DO SO.

1. No Refunds, but, Yes (!!), Travel Credits. PRIOR TO MARCH 15TH, 2020, BANGTEL had a STRICT NO REFUNDS POLICY. After this date and due to Covid19, we implemented a travel credit amendment to our policy.

If you made your reservation on or via a BANGTEL rep, you can cancel up to 14 days before your stay. We will provide BANGTEL credit for the full value of the booking, no questions asked. Credit can be used toward future reservations and is valid for one year from the issue date. If you booked your reservation on another site, such as  Airbnb, please reach out to them directly.

2. Photo ID. You must provide a valid photo ID via the booking portal at the time of booking, or BANGTEL has the right to refuse your stay.

3. Card Authorization. A credit (or debit) card authorization up to $2,000 may be held on your card to cover additional charges that may be incurred, including costs to pay for damages, lost items and/or additional cleaning charges. The total hold amount will be determined at BANGTEL’s discretion and based on several factors, including the property, price, size of the renting party, duration and nature of the stay. The hold will be placed within 4 days of check-in and released within 7 days from check-out, provided that there are no additional charges.

4. Security Deposit. BANGTEL reserves the right to request a security deposit.

5. Check-In / Check-Out. BANGTEL would love for you to stay longer, but we must accommodate and prepare for our other guests. So, we have the following strict check-in / check-out times:

Check-In: 3:00pm
Check-Out: 11:00am

These check-in / check-out times are strictly applied, unless alternative arrangements are made in advance in writing with BANGTEL. Check-in codes will be sent within 24-72 hours of your arrival date. Please see the rules for early check-in and late check-out below.

6. Early Check-In. YOU MUST CONTACT BANGTEL WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR ARRIVAL DATE TO REQUEST EARLY CHECK-IN. BANGTEL makes no guarantees that early check-in will be available. If available, there is a $50 early check-in fee for up to 3 hours prior to the standard 3:00pm time. If early check-in is mandatory for you, BANGTEL recommends that you reserve the night before in order for it to be blocked in our calendar. Ask BANGTEL if a discount can be applied to that extra night and they will be happy to try to accommodate.

7. Late Check-Out. Please do your best to check-out on time. Any delayed check-out may cause significant damages to BANGTEL. Accordingly, BANGTEL charges the following fees for late check-outs, if not approved prior (THESE ARE STRICTLY APPLIED):

Check-Out Time Late Fee
11:01am – 2:00pm $150
2:01pm – 5:00pm ½ price advertised on for that night
After 5:00pm Full price advertised on for that night
Next days $500 fee per day + full price advertised on for the nights

If you are a tenant holdover and BANGTEL is forced to take legal action, in addition to the late fees above, you agree to pay BANGTEL any other damages, legal fees and costs incurred by BANGTEL to regain possession of the property.

8. Check-Out Instructions. Please complete the following prior to your check-out:

a. Clean-up and properly dispose of all your trash and recycling in the appropriate
receptacles outside of the property. Please Recycle.
b. Return any moved furniture or appliances to their original locations.
c. Turn off all the lights and set the thermostat to 58° in the winter and 75° in the summer.
d. Shut and lock all doors and windows.
e. Return all keys and fobs to their origins.
f. Alert BANGTEL of any damages to the property, or lost or damaged items.

9. Same Condition . You acknowledge that as of check-in, the property is in good condition, except for any defect you immediately report to BANGTEL in writing. You agree to leave the property in the same condition as when you arrived.

10. Damages or Lost Items . You are responsible for any and all damage caused by you, your guests and any pets to the property, premises, appliances, kitchen utensils and equipment, and/or furnishings, and any lost items. BANGTEL will charge the card on file with advanced written notice of the damage or loss. You expressly waive any right to object to BANGTEL’s charges for any damages or lost items. IF THE AMOUNT OF DAMAGES CANNOT BE COVERED IN FULL BY YOUR CARD ON FILE, THEN YOU HEREBY AGREE TO PAY BANGTEL FOR ANY OUTSTANDING CHARGES WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS OF BANGTEL NOTIFYING YOU IN WRITING OF THE CHARGES. If BANGTEL is forced to take legal action to recover the damages, you agree to pay BANGTEL for its legal fees and costs incurred by BANGTEL, in addition to the damages.
By way of example, the following damages costs shall apply:

a. Appliances. You will be charged for the cost to clean, repair or replace any damaged or lost appliances.
b. Kitchen Utensils and Equipment. You will be charged for the cost to replace any damaged or lost kitchen utensils and equipment.
c. Furnishings. You will be charged for the cost to move, clean, repair or replace any damaged or lost furnishings.
d. Keys. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO MAKE ANY COPIES OF KEYS. There is a $150 charge for any lost key or fob. If you or someone in your party leaves with a key or fob, it must be returned to BANGTEL within 5 business days, or you will be charged the $150 fee. If you mail the taken key or fob back to BANGTEL, please provide BANGTEL with shipping and tracking information.
e. Smoking. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE PROPERTY. There is a $500 charge for smoking. The fine applies if you are caught smoking inside the property or if there is evidence of smoking, including a lingering smell of smoke after check-out. You may smoke outside, but all waste must be properly disposed.
f. Glitter / Confetti. GLITTER OR CONFETTI IS NOT ALLOWED. Glitter and confetti is fun, but very different for BANGTEL’s cleaning staff to clean up. There is a $250 charge for any glitter or confetti inside the property or on the premises.
g. Bodily Fluids. BANGTEL’s cleaning staff does not like cleaning any bodily fluids, including vomit, blood, urine, feces or other fluids. There is a $500 charge for any bodily fluids left behind after check-out.
h. Additional Cleanings. You will be charged at BANGTEL’s discretion for any additional cleanings, including, for example, scuff marks, stains, markings on the walls, after a after your pet(s), or if the cleaning staff is required to move furniture or appliances back to their original locations or pick up cigarette butts left outside.

11. Special Bookings. Bookings such as intimate weddings, baby or wedding showers, birthday gatherings etc. are not permitted without BANGTEL’s prior written permission. If more people are at the BANGTEL property at one time that is specified on the reservation confirmation, this constitutes a booking that BANGTEL must pre-approve. All bookings must adhere to the local City and State ordinances regarding current guest number restrictions due to Covid-19. Additional conditions, rates, and fees may apply. If booking terms, takes place without BANGTEL’s permission (or there is evidence of the same), BANGTEL will charge a fee at its discretion and has the right to evict the guest immediately with forfeiture of security deposit and banning from booking any BANGTEL property in the future.

12. Special Requests. BANGTEL will make reasonable efforts to accommodate reasonable special requests, so do not hesitate to ask. The special requests must be made in advance of your arrival. BANGTEL will charge a convenience fee starting at $30 and increasing depending on several factors, including the size and rarity of the request, in addition to the costs of any purchased items. Special requests may include groceries, air mattresses and bedding set up prior to arrival, libations, event tickets, dinner reservations or other special requests.

13. Do Not Disturb the Other Tenants or Neighbors. Please respect the other tenants and neighbors, and do not make any noise in or around the property (including hallways and common areas) or play music at levels that disturb the other tenants or neighbors. If a noise complaint is raised, then you may be subject to a noise violation fee of $500 and you may be evicted immediately from the property and forfeit all payments and any security deposit.

14. Shoes. BANGTEL loves your shoes, but we ask that you and your guests please remove them when in the property to protect the floors and reduce the noise (BANGTEL often receives noise complaints due to shoes).

15. Photo Shoots. No professional photos or videos are permitted without BANGTEL’s prior written permission. Please contact BANGTEL prior to booking. Special rates, fees and additional conditions may apply. If a photo or video shoot takes place without BANGTEL’s permission (or there is evidence of the same), BANGTEL will charge a fee at its discretion.

16. Maximum Occupancy. The number of people who may be at the BANGTEL property at one time is the same number of people specified on the reservation confirmation. If you plan to invite additional guests, you must obtain BANGTEL’s prior written permission.

Additional fees apply for guests over the maximum number of guests allowed and can result in eviction if not approved AND/OR you are in violation of the current City Ordinances in regards to Covid-19.

17. Pets. BANGTEL loves pets. But, you must obtain BANGTEL’s prior written permission before bringing your pets, as there may be specific rules based on the property. If pets are permitted, there is a $125 fee per pet. The $125 fee is applied if there is evidence of a pet that was not authorized. A portion of this pet fee goes to support the HIT Living Foundation, a charity that supports animal and human welfare. Please immediately pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in a plastic bag in the trash. BANGTEL will charge for cleaning or repairs needed as a result of your pet(s).

18. Service Animals. You must provide proof of proper documentation to BANGTEL, in which case there is no fee for service animals.

19. Parking. Vehicles may only be parked in designated parking areas and BANGTEL reserves the right to charge for parking. Please do not block other tenants or neighbors from using their parking spots.

20. Unavailability . If the BANGTEL property becomes unavailable for any reason, BANGTEL may terminate this agreement at its discretion and issue you a full refund of all fees paid, without any liability to BANGTEL whatsoever.

21. Property Failures and Maintenance . BANGTEL cannot guarantee against mechanical, plumbing, equipment or appliance failure, including for example water supply, heating, air conditioning, audio visual equipment, internet access and cable service. In the event of such failure, or if there is another maintenance issue, please alert BANGTEL immediately and BANGTEL will make reasonable efforts to have repairs done promptly. You agree to permit access to BANGTEL or its vendors for the purposes of inspection and repair. BANGTEL agrees to exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner. BANGTEL is not responsible for any inconvenience that may occur and no refunds or reductions in payments will be made due to such failure or inconvenience.

22. Lawful. You agree to comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances in connection with your and your guests’ use of the property. Any illegal or abusive use of BANGTEL’s internet access is not allowed.

23. Limitation of Liability . BANGTEL is not responsible for any damages, accidents, injuries, death or illness that occur to you, your guests or any pets while at the property or on the premises.

24. Personal Items. BANGTEL is not responsible for any of your or your guests’ personal items that may be misplaced, lost or left behind. BANGTEL will make reasonable efforts to return personal items left behind, at your expense.

25. Indemnity . USE OF THE BANGTEL PROPERTY AND PREMISES BY YOU AND YOUR GUESTS IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR AND THEIR OWN RISK. You agree to indemnify and hold BANGTEL, its affiliates, officers, owners, employees, independent contractors, agents and representatives harmless from any and all actions, claims, liabilities, damages, demands, costs, losses and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, court costs and other expenses, relating to or arising out of your and your guests use of the property or premises, breach or alleged breach of this Agreement, negligence or violation of any laws, regulations or ordinances, or any rights of another person or entity.

26. Intellectual Property . You do not have any right, title or interest in or to any of the trademarks, trade dress, service marks, trade names or copyrights of BANGTEL. Unauthorized use of the name “BANGTEL” or images of the BANGTEL properties, including interior, exterior and/or surroundings for use in the selling, advertising, marketing or promotion of any product, service or business or for use in any TV or film production is unlawful and will be pursued with appropriate legal action.

27. Violation of Agreement . If you or any guest violates any of the terms of this Agreement, BANGTEL may terminate the agreement and immediately evict you from the property and you forfeit all payments and any security deposit. You will also be liable to pay any damages to BANGTEL, including any and all legal costs and fees incurred.

28. Insurance . You are solely responsible for purchasing adequate insurance to cover all persons staying in or visiting the property, to cover, for example, luggage loss, theft, larceny, accidents, illness, medical expenses, cancellation expenses and legal fees.